Platinum Ventures is a Texas-based, private real estate investment company focused on buying and selling performing, re-performing and non-performing real estate notes to produce above-average, safe and consistent returns for our joint venture partners and private investors.

We target residential, multi-family and commercial asset secured by a 1st lien across the United States, providing lending institutions, hedge funds, banks, seller-financed and other owners of assets with liquidity and balance sheet relief. Our strategy is to purchase these mortgage notes at a fraction of fair market value (typically 50-60 percent or less).

As a private investment company, Platinum Ventures can employ a number of exit strategies not typically available to borrowers, including loan modification, payoff/workouts, property acquisition, as well as selling to other investors.

Platinum Ventures also buys distressed single-family homes outright in the Dallas Fort-Worth area; which we repair and update to produce superior quality living residences, and then make available to qualified tenants for lease to produce monthly cash flow.

Wayne Snell is the managing director of Platinum Ventures. Wayne has been actively involved with real estate since 2009, first as a passive investor, and taking on an active role by purchasing his first single-family rental (SFR) in 2010.

Platinum Ventures currently owns a portfolio of 1st lien mortgage notes and SFR’s. He is also Vice President of Marketing for a global computer software company. His extensive project management, team leadership and budget/financial governance experience uniquely qualifies him to manage large pools of notes to produce the most optimal profit outcomes for the company and its investor partners.

Wayne Snell, Managing Director
Platinum Ventures
Office: (469) 587-9050
Cell: (214) 620-5057

Who We Are

We are a small, flexible investment firm that buys, sells and trades bank paper, notes, bank tapes and mortgages for our own portfolio on residential and commercial properties all across the United States.

What We Do

-Purchase and distribution of distressed and toxic assets

-Provide the best ROI for our Investors

-Keep hard-working families in their homes