We source distressed mortgages via relationships with banks, hedge funds, and private equity groups. These assets may be purchased as ‘one-offs’ or as a small pool of mortgages.


Each mortgage is individually evaluated through five specific exit strategies to ensure they meet the investment parameters of our portfolio or the specifications of our Joint Venture Partners.

Cash Flow

Buying and selling non-performing notes is the ideal investment strategy for people interested in truly passive cash flow, high rates of return, and an asset that is collateralized by real estate.

We Buy Distressed Assets Across The Nation!


If you’re looking for a safe investment for your hard-earned money but are unhappy with the poor returns that 401k, savings, CDs, bonds and money market accounts are earning you are not alone! Today’s stock and mutual fund markets are wildly unpredictable. While the potential for good returns exist in the market, it is not without substantial risk to both principal, as well as future earnings.

Investing in mortgage notes (sometimes referred to simply as “notes” or “paper”) is safer, more predictable, and yields much higher returns on average than any of the previously mentioned investment vehicles. They allow you to become a private lender with total control over your investment. It is secured by a 1st lien on the property, affording you numerous ways to exit safety and profitably, with returns on your capital investment typically ranging from 12-15% or higher.

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Real Customer Testimonials

Partnering with Platinum Ventures on a performing note gives us high passive returns in our Roth IRA. We feel safe knowing our investment is secured by having a collateral interest against the property.
Passive Returns
Joint Venturing with Platinum Ventures on a non-performing note allowed me to put my money to better use than I was earning through my savings account. They worked with me to explain the possible exit strategies to ensure my specific investment goals were met. Our first note will net an annualized return of more than 23%.
Awesome Return